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BamaGreen PB-HD is our new highly effective alternative to conventional biocides

Highly effective probiotic concentrate for the microbiological, precautionary treatment of industrial water systems
          Our modern alternative to conventional use of biocides


  • BamaGreen PB-HD is a highly effective probiotic concentrate for the treatment and maintenance of large industrial water systems such as cooling water and process water.

  • The enzymes and probiotic bacteria remove superfluous organic dirt. This helps to reduce the turbidity of the water, the smell, organic solids and biofilm.    

  • BamaGreen PB-HD improves water microbiology and counteracts valve, pump and filter problems.    

  •  BamaGreen PB-HD increases the performance of water systems and reduces maintenance costs.


BamaGreen PB-HD is 100% organic and safe for the environment. All contained probiotics are not genetically modified (GMO-Genetically Modified Organisms). They are all classified as Biosafety Level 1 (ATCC-American Type Culture Collection) and therefore absolutely harmless. Likewise, all the organisms contained in the EFSA (= European Food Safety Authority) database are registered and therefore approved for human consumption.