Ultra-Flex Adhesions Promoter

ULTRA-FLEX AP-174 consists of an organic solvent application medium and a special molecular compound. The molecules which are applied to a metal surface have a trifunctional molecular structure:

  • One end of the compound is an organofunctional group which reacts with the polymers in the ULTRA-FLEX 5000 polyurethane coating.
  • The other end is an inorganic-based group that binds to an inorganic substrate.

A chemical bridge is thus formed between the coating and the substrate when ULTRA-FLEX AP is used. The adhesion of the coating to the substrate is greatly increased because two adhesive processes are in force:

  • The first is the normal type of adhesion by coating by means of a simple filling in the microscopic cavities of the metal surface. It can be compared macroscopically with millions of small suction cups.
  • The second is by the form: a chemical bond by the use of the trifunctional molecule.