Lavaliner UF 5000 FR

Basin in basin through special protective coating ULTRA-FLEX™ 5000 FR:

The cooling tower basins are the most important parts of the cooling tower. If the basins are corroded and leaking, it may be necessary to replace the complete cooling tower.

To prevent this, we coat your cooling tower basin with a strong, 2K, polyurethane resin-based protective coating specially designed for basins of existing cooling towers, evaporation coolers and evaporative condensers. The protective layer is permanently resistant and temperature resistant between -50° C and +70° C. This process is referred to as "basin-in-basin".

Our service personnel will prepare the corroded areas and apply the special protective coating. The special protective layer will protect the pans from the harsh environment of the compression cooling system. Water treatment chemicals have no effect on the coating.

Thanks to the special coating, you can extend the service life of your units cost-saving, without expensive replacement of sections or the entire unit.

Leaks in sheet metal gaps and the small holes are also filled and sealed by the special coating.

The flexible coating that stretches and contracts with the movements of the basin will not split, break or peel off.

The special coating can be applied in a short time, e.g. on a weekend, and the cooling tower is ready for operation again at the beginning of the week. Depending on the ambient temperature, the cooling tower can be operational again in at least 6 hours after coating.

A further advantage of the special protective coating is the fire-retardant property (fire class A). Fires on cooling towers are caused by the use of flammable coatings and can further more spread. If a fire breaks out on a fire-retardant coating, it cannot spread and the flames go out by themselves.