Process engineering


Industrial water and process optimization in practice

Your processes do not work as they should under optimal conditions? Your system does not work economically?

We are specialized in identifying and eliminating problems: customized treatment programs, especially chemicals for you, appropriate plant technology and an experienced team of experts with many years of professional experience and extensive industry knowledge.

The goal for us is maximizing profitability, operational safety and environmental compatibility. There are a lot more points to this than you might guess at the first moment.

Stage 1: System test

In addition to your existing treatment techniques, we also consider the pipeline network, including heat exchangers, tools and other water-bearing parts. We advise you in detail with your responsible persons and take several water samples for a detailed analysis in our laboratories. The legal framework is also reviewed.

Step 2: Analysis

Our experienced laboratory team examines the water using various test and analysis procedures. Together with the findings obtained on site, we get an exact picture of the actual state of your plant and can compare it with the target state.

Step 3: Proposed solutions

On the basis of the analysis results, we present a profitability analysis. This forms the basis for the development of optimally matched chemical products and the appropriate treatment programs. If necessary, we also carry out product tests in our own technical center.

Step 4: Implementation

If the concept is, we put it into practice for you. For this purpose, we supply the chemical products optimally tailored to your process as well as the entire plant technology and put them into operation for you. Our experienced sales engineers are also looking forward to the training of your employees during the start-up phase.

Level 5: Support

After the implementation we are still there for you by taking care of your systems at regular intervals. This includes continuous on-site measurements, sampling, laboratory analyzes and system considerations. This is done in a permanent dialogue with you and ensures the permanently optimal plant operation and value retention.








Disturbances in steam generator systems are usually caused by problems in boiler water. If the plants are operating around the clock, the economic damage is often considerable.

The right boiler water treatment is a decisive factor to achieve an economic, trouble-free and safe boiler operation with excellent steam quality. The formation of boilers, corrosion and local overheating are disturbances which can jeopardize operational safety and lead to considerable economic damage.

Our experienced sales engineers take up your plant, analyze the water and then create an individual program for an economical and ecologically sensible boiler water treatment.