Business portfolio

Water treatment plants

  • Supply and installation of complete water treatment systems for open evaporation circuits with BAMATRONIK central control units
  • Dosing and sludge devices for boiler feed water
  • Softening systems
  • Fully demineralizing plants / reverse osmosis systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Retrofitting existing systems to the latest state of the art
  • Assembly, repair and maintenance of all common water treatment plants
  • Spare parts


Dosing chemicals

  • Hardening stabilization, dispersion and corrosion protection
  • Control of algae and mucus bacteria
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Drinking water according to the drinking water ordinance and the DVGW test



  • Chemical-water-based descaling of condensers, boilers, heat exchangers, evaporation chillers
  • Decalcification and de-rusting of water-bearing systems
  • Mechanical descaling and deslagging
  • Control of algae and Schleimbakterien in cooling towers and air cleaners
  • On-site cleaning (experience in nuclear power plants, ice rinks, industrial plants)
  • Hydrodynamic cleanings with high pressure water up to 950 bar
  • Chemical de-oiling (ice rinks, etc.)
  • Supply of cleaning chemicals for chemical-water-based cleaning


We only use cleaning chemicals with high-quality inhibitors which reliably protect the corresponding metal surfaces.


Cooling tower service

  • Assembly, repair and maintenance of all common cooling tower factories
  • Delivery and assembly of cooling tower units and drop separators
  • Cooling tower restoration



  • Preparation and evaluation of water analyzes
  • Surface analysis
  • Monitoring of heating circuits
  • Analytical monitoring of cleaning sequences
  • Advice on the use of our chemicals
  • Devices for analytical monitoring and test kits
  • Microbiological tests in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance in cooperation with a special laboratory


Compliance with the environmental regulations for all water processes is self-evident for us as a specialist company, according to WHG § 19.